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Hannah Razdow(itz) Simon, June '54

Hannah's grandparents' 20th anniversary.
Vienna, 1926

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Hannah's mother, shortly after arrival in Paris. There were many picutures sent back to Vienna to her family. Ma Paris.jpg (36878 bytes)

Hannah's parents, toasting her grandmother’s birthday.
Paris, 1937

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The nurse who came with an SS trooper and extorted wages, with Hannah and her father.  The picture is taken the year before in Paris. Apparently she loved her year in Paris—they did a lot of sightseeing, but that didn’t stop her from extorting the money after the Anschluss.

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Oma and Hannah, Paris

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Walter and Hannah, Paris

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Hannah, playing on the beach.
La Bernerie, 1939

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Hannah, with her cousin and aunt.
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