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The revised electronic edition can be downloaded for free here. This is a single file, PDF format, 3.63Mb. Download (right-click & save).

Free downloads of a wide variety of alternate file formats, including Kindle, Palm, Sony, and large print, can be found at

Revised electronic edition copyright © 2009 by Eve Rosenzweig Kugler (see PDF p. 3 for ebook license information)

Original Print Edition

The original edition of Shattered Crystals is out of print, but used copies may be available for purchase from



Both the book and this web site are dedicated to the memory of the fathers:

Salomon David Kanner z"l, who loved and lived for his family;
His father Markus Kanner z"l, who learned and revered Torah and succeeded in the world without effort;
And for Mia's father Moses Azderbal z"l, who saw all his children out of Nazi Germany but was himself murdered at Auschwitz in 1942.

And also in memory of the children:

Edith Rifka Azderbal, ob''m, who never grew up;
The beautiful, spirited children of the OSE who could not be saved;
And the million other innocent Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust.

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